Lazada: Hassle-Free Shopping at Its Finest

When it comes to online shopping, there are only a few sites that I trust. One of which is Lazada. The truth is, online shopping has become a more enjoyable experience for me through the help of this site. Not only am I exposed to a myriad of products and services, my shopping has also become hassle-free.

7inch tablet madness

Everything I need, right here


One of the best things about the site is that it carries a long list of products and services. From books to electronic devices, home decor, sports apparel, fashion items and even movies—name it and this site definitely has it. Add to that the highly commendable customer service rendered by the company representatives and employees.

The end result—a great website which definitely deserves the moniker, “the Philippines’ online shopping mall”.  Within just a year after the commencement of its operation in the country, this site has already become a favorite for a large number of online shoppers.

But aside from the products and services, another particular factor that I like about Lazada Philippines is its user-friendly site. After all, that is what shopping is all about—user convenience.

Browsing convenience


With this site, I can easily find anything that I am looking for. This is because of the search and categorization features Lazada Philippines has in place.

Search feature

search feature

For one, there is the search feature. I can just type here whatever item I need or want. Then the page will display all the items pertinent to my search.

With that, looking for a particular item will take less time and effort. This is very practical especially since there are really tons of items available in the site. When I was looking for an iPad mini for example, I just had to type it here and the pertinent items appeared in the results in no time.


Refining my search

refining my searchBesides the search feature, Lazada Philippines also installed other ways for refining user search. One of which is the categorization and sub-categorization of items. Sub-categorization is actually done in so many levels. This will go from the general categories up to the most specific, common characteristics of a group of items. In fact, the sub-categorization goes on and on as long as a certain group of products have something in common.

For instance, when I was searching for a new dress, the categorization went from general categorization—casual dress, maxi dress, mini dress, etc.—to as far down as the brand, color and hue/shade! Then when I wanted to see my available options for a new tablet, the items were categorized according to brand, price range, memory, operating system, CPU size, display size and many more.

This further refinement of my search makes my quest a lot faster, easier and more convenient. I am able to find what I am looking for in no time. Plus, it helps me explore my options better because while searching for a particular product, I also get to see other similar items which can be a good alternative.


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