Lazada: Easy Payment Methods for Online Shopping

The credit card is the main instrument of payment for online purchases worldwide. It is also the case for Filipino online shoppers except that when one shops at the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall, Lazada Philippines, other payment options are also available. The presence of other payment options makes online shopping available to greater number people, including those who do not carry, or simply who are scared of using, credit cards.


Paying with Visa or MasterCard

Credit card is still the first and most popular option for paying online purchases at Lazada Philippines. Visa or MasterCard, both international issue or issued by local banks, is the fastest and easiest instrument to pay for your online orders. When you choose credit card as the payment method on check out, you will get an email with link to the web page that will process your payment. Upon completion of the process, you will get a confirmation email of the successful transaction. All you need to do is sit back and wait for the shipment of your goods.


Cash On Delivery

Cash on delivery credit card

Cash on Delivery (COD) is becoming the most popular payment option for online orders at Lazada Philippines. This payment option gives online customers the peace of mind that they are not giving their credit card information online. While the web site is as secured as it can be, there is always the hesitation among customers every time they input credit card information on the check out form. Another convenience that this option brings is that customers are able to hold on to their cash until they actually receive the product. It gives them the chance to inspect the item that has been shipped to find out if it is the right product or if there is no damage or defect. After inspecting the content of the package, the customer will simply sign the shipping confirmation document and give the payment to the delivery person.

While most areas of the country are covered by the Cash on Delivery option, there are some few parts of the country where it is not yet available. Shoppers in those few areas can simply use the other payment options.



This is another credit card free option to pay for your online orders at Lazada Philippines. This option involves much work than the previous two options but is considered by many people as very secure transaction. It works by choosing the DragonPay option at check out. You will then receive an email that gives you the guidelines on how to make the payment, including the choices of establishments where over the counter payments could be made. The accredited establishments include most banks and other businesses like SM, LBC, and 7-Eleven stores. People who do online banking will find this option convenient because they can make online transactions with their banks.


Regardless of which option you use in making payments for your online order, Lazada Philippines is very serious in making shopping at their site very convenient, secured, and worry-free.



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