More to come, possible with Lazada Philippines- A Review

more to come

Shopping has been part of our lifestyle nowadays. What people used to do when they feel like spending their money, they usually visit their favorite malls. It’s true that malls are one of the few establishments that can offer the people wide selections of their needs.  Whether the need is a necessity or a luxury, mall surely covers everything possible you may need. Although, there is a possibility that it may sometimes don’t have a particular item, you want. But it surely can offer alternatives to what you are looking for.


However, in this modern era where technology and Internet is slowly becoming necessity in our daily functions, a new alternative has emerged. Now, we can even buy what we used to buy on traditional malls by just going online. Online shopping is a revolutionary phase in the digital space. Internet users can now connect with online stores. All they need to do is to have an Internet capable device such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. and Internet connection. Online shopping had grown recently in the Philippines. What used to be a almost dead online industry is now on the phase of emergence. Filipino Internet users are now getting a hold of online shopping as their alternative shopping option. The perks they can get from online surpass what they can get from shopping on traditional malls. One good example of an online shopping mall in the country is Lazada Philippines. They just recently launched just last year. For such as short time, the impact they made in the country for online is so huge that it actually became a competitive industry to this date. A lot of local online shopping malls are now coming up from nowhere. It’s true that the local businessmen are now seeing the potential of online. We were so accustomed with the traditional ways we do shopping that we were afraid to try out new things. There are some new things that actually don’t translate very well to the market. But Lazada is somehow holding their ground to this point. They even penetrated the TVC, which just shows how huge they grew. Several big investors even joined the cause of what Lazada is doing which is to take over the South East Asia in Ecommerce. Some of us may not know, but Lazada is also available in other South East Asia countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. Who knows, maybe more countries to follow? It’s just a matter of time now up to where these online shopping malls can push the envelope even further.


Personally, I feel like there will be more surprises that Lazada has in store for us. I only hope that Lazada will pave way for the economy to even grow further, not only this helps their business and the customers but they also give more whether direct or indirect. As other competitors join the Ecommerce battle, more jobs will open for the Filipino people.



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One response to “More to come, possible with Lazada Philippines- A Review

  1. I was feeling a bit uneasy with online purchasing before, too. But trying out Lazada was really a new and exciting experience. Now, it’s easier to buy some things I need.

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