We’ve waited long enough for an online shopping site like Lazada Philippines to come our way. The waiting is now over- A Review

Never did I think the day will come that online shopping in the Philippines will be as fuss-free as it is now.  I have always been an advocate of online shopping. It’s relatively stress-free and the convenience is, bar none, the main selling point for me. What I don’t like about online shopping is that despite modern technology, there are still a lot of unreliable shopping sites that mix up your orders, don’t deliver on time and sell inferior products which you will only realize once you’re holding the said item in your hand. I also don’t like paying hefty Customs and courier fees when ordering from shopping sites based in the US. I remember how I used to go about the very tedious process of sending email links of items I’m lusting over  to US-based friends and relatives and have them purchase it for me to be sent through balikbayan boxes or hand carried by whoever’s going to the Philippines for a visit. Imagine the weeks of waiting to get my hands on my stuff! Pure agony, I tell you.

pure agony

All that has changed since Lazada Philippines came into the picture.  Armed with a computer and internet connection, I can easily go on a shopping frenzy! Happy as a clam, I just sit back and wait for the goods to be delivered to me. While there are other online sellers too, they stick out for me because their online shopping site is a virtual one-stop shop for all your needs.  Believe me when I say they’ve got every shopping category covered. Now, should you have any issues with your purchase, it is comforting to know that they’re just a click and phone call away.

Another exceptional feature this shopping site offers is their variety of payment options. It’s a given that online shopping requires a credit card. Being always one step ahead of their competitors, they changed the game by tying up with Banco De Oro so you can avail of zero percent interest for three months, and MasterCard where you get ten percent discount for a minimum purchase of P3, 000.00 every Mondays.


If you don’t have a credit card or you’re just not keen on using it, don’t worry as they offer Cash on Delivery (COD) too. With this option, you will only part with your money once the items are delivered to you. They have also contracted the services of third-party payment provider called Dragon Pay. Their wide network of participating banks, 7-eleven outlets, business centers, and even pawnshops ensure that you can conveniently pay for the goods you ordered online.


If all the many great points I talked about don’t convince you to give this much buzzed about shopping site a try, maybe the fact that have Free Delivery Available to so many places all across the country will. You also have the option to have the items shipped to other addresses without paying extra. Product returns are permitted within seven days of receipt no questions asked! Perfect for fickle-minded shoppers everywhere! Just be advised that you have to assume the delivery cost of returning products if said product isn’t damaged.

Lazada Philippines is slowly but surely carving a niche for themselves in the Philippine e-commerce industry.  From the looks of it, and based on my personal experience, they truly are the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall! I’m certainly a satisfied customer and will be shopping again and again.







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One response to “We’ve waited long enough for an online shopping site like Lazada Philippines to come our way. The waiting is now over- A Review

  1. ShapingChange

    Hopefully, Lazada will add more products at bargain prices!

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