High flying Lazada Philippines has a rocket behind it- A Review

high flying

I recently tried online shopping in Lazada Philippines . It was my first time to shop in a local online shopping website (I have been doing online shopping for quite some time now though internationally) and I did it because of the constant prodding of my friends who have tried it before so about two weeks ago I finally gave in. I looked around first and went straight on to their FAQs section to get acquainted with their policies and procedures first. The FAQ section is very detailed and well written and provides accurate information. I found out that they have free shipping available, seven day return policy and multiple payment methods including the cash on delivery payment method on top of the regular way which is of course paying using a credit card. This company is growing really fast and getting better and bigger all the time. They provide a very convenient and worry-free shopping experience that is unmatched in the industry.

With Lazada, avid online shoppers can shop wherever they are and whenever they want it without the hassle of commuting going to traditional shopping malls. You can be right at the comfort of your own home or at the beach. There are no mall hours. Heck you can even wake up at two in the morning and go straight on to Lazada Philippines and do your shopping during the wee hours. Lazada has a lot of online shopping categories and here they are in the order in which they appear online from top to bottom: Mobiles and Tablets, computers and Laptops, Consumer Electronics, Cameras, Home and Living, Home appliances, Toys and Babies, Fashion and Accessories, Watches, Beauty and Healthcare, Travel and Luggage, Sports and Books, Music and  Movies. Like what I have said earlier, Lazada is one of the fastest growing online shopping websites in the country today. Dubbed as the Philippines’ online shopping mall, Lazada is a brainchild of the largest and fastest online venture builder in the world no other than Berlin Germany’s Rocket Internet. Rocket Internet has been building online businesses for nearly a decade now and has been very successful in doing it. Throughout the course of their illustrious history, they have built over 100 industry leading online companies in 40 countries all over the world.

They have 25 international offices in all five continents of the world. Their employee base around the world is an astounding 15,000 workforce and counting. So what exactly is Rocket Internet doing? To put it into simple terms, they clone websites. They identify top performing websites and replicate their business models. Most of the websites that Rocket Internet replicates or clones are coming from the United States which is not surprising. If you have not noticed yet, or if you have this impression that Lazada has striking similarities with the popular U.S based online shopping website amazon.com well that is because Lazada is Rocket Internet’s Amazon clone. It is supposed to be Southeast Asia’s amazon and with Lazada’s current success, it is certainly living up to that moniker.




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2 responses to “High flying Lazada Philippines has a rocket behind it- A Review

  1. ShapingChange

    Good to hear that Lazada and Rocket are doing well

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