Lazada revolutionized online shopping in the Philippines- A Review


My favorite and go-to online shopping website is one of the few online shopping websites located locally that has shaped and changed the landscape of Philippine e-commerce. Lazada is perfectly positioned as a game-changer in the local e-commerce industry because it is one of the pioneering online shopping websites in the country. It has changed the way people do shopping and it certainly changed people’s perception about what online shopping is. The general mindset of Filipinos about online shopping was a bit different way back when there was no Lazada Philippines and Internet access was scarce. The hoi polloi think of it as a luxury that is reserved to the upper classes. They can’t be blamed though for thinking that way because online shopping really used to be some sort of a luxury given the kind of requirements or things that one has to have in  order to do it like a credit card, a computer and of course Internet access. It was a bit complicated for the average consumer to fully fathom its significance and the convenience that it could bring to their lives. The Internet revolution has changed the way people think and react. They have become much more contradictory, better aware of the options they have, they are more demanding and less-amenable to be talked down to and imposed upon than ever.

Lazada came in a time when people are more or less primed to accept what online shopping is. Just think of the analogy of a fertile field waiting for the seeds of the crop that is going to be sowed on it. In this analogy, Lazada is the farmer who planted or sowed the seeds of e-commerce on the very fertile Philippine e-commerce market. That is exactly what Lazada Philippines did, plant the germinating seeds and see through their growth. Lazada was able to tap a largely untapped Filipino market with a very brilliant marketing plan and premium service offerings that are capable of converting even the most adamant and cynical consumer there is. Lazada Philippines vision is to promote online shopping down to the grassroots level where people from all walks of the society can enjoy the wonderful benefits and services that they have to offer.

In order to achieve their goal of reaching out and getting everyone involved in online shopping, Lazada made the requirements less rigorous and less imposing than what it is in the past. They made online shopping easy, hassle-free and convenient for everyone. They came up with more methods of payments than just the traditional credit card so that people who do not own one can still buy things and enjoy online shopping through them.  They added the cash on deliver payment method and Dragon Pay to the payment options. These methods are of course credit card less which allows almost everyone to purchase online. Hence, Lazada’s wider market reach that positively impacted the local e-commerce industry.


One response to “Lazada revolutionized online shopping in the Philippines- A Review

  1. ShapingChange

    Lazada has indeed created a great impact in ecommerce in the country.. It is different from group buying or voucher sites which first caught on among PH online users/consumers..

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