The two standing payment methods of Lazada- A Review


Online shopping can be a real pain in the neck when the method of payment available isn’t at par with your preference of payment. I know this for a fact because I have experienced ordering from non-local websites that have exactly what I want but only accept credit card payments. I never liked the idea of applying for a credit card because the way I see it, it’s just a fancy way of being in debt. I mean why someone would buy something that they can’t afford as of the moment is just plain impulsive. I would rather wait for my pay and by then instead of counting my eggs before they hatch. I have never borrowed money in my life and that’s a huge thanks to my mom who would give us emergency money and check on it every day. That way we would be too scared to spend it on something that’s not important unless the situation really calls for it. Paying in cash is always the practical way to go. That’s why I don’t get websites who strictly just offer credit card payments. It’s like they’re eliminating a huge percentage of their potential consumers on purpose which is weird since a store’s ultimate goal is to make profit.

Lazada Philippines used to have more than just two payment methods but regardless, I’m grateful they didn’t remove cash on delivery as one of the choices. Lazada is a local online store at least in products. It’s owned by an international German company but has an office based here in the Philippines with a mix of foreign and Filipino employees. I thought at first that the website wasn’t going to be able to live out to its international standards but as months passed, I was impressed with the continuous improvement it showed. Lazada currently has two methods of payment left: Cash on delivery & credit card. Cash on delivery is my personal preference because it’s the counterpart of credit card payment which is cash. They deliver the packages straight to your house and have delivery rates depending on the location. The payment is only collected after the package has been delivered with no required initial payments for security purposes. Credit card on the other hand follows the usual process but instead of swiping the card, you’’ simply fill out a form with the required information before submitting the order form online. I’d like to think that there are far more cash on delivery payers than credit card but I know that in reality, a huge population in the Philippines relies on credit card. The methods they narrowed down to are the most practical ways of paying so it doesn’t really bother me nor does it affect how often I shop. I’m grateful that there are shopping websites now by Filipinos that sell a variety of products instead of just sticking with a single kind of merchandise. It’s a lot easier to find the things I like compared to before where I would have to be specific about all word tags on Google.


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