Lazada’s progress locally- A Review

progress locally

The industry of online shopping in the Philippines is growing so fast that more and more companies are just coming up with online stores to be put on the same playing field as some of the leading brands. But keeping up a website can be costly. This is especially true for those companies that are just starting out and can do better than fund for website editors that cost half a million at the least. Companies venturing out to online selling for the first time should look for effective channel sites that have already established its brand. Those companies can then use these websites as carriers making online selling as still an existing selling material for half the price.


Lazada Philippines is an online store that is known for carrying multiple brands at once. They have a wide range of selections that vary in categories. It seems unconventional at first because Filipinos normally just search for sites that have single brands as products but as our generation progresses so does our openness to change. Lazada Philippines is currently one of the talked about websites on Facebook and how can it no be? It has come up with so many buzz worthy promotions that it was bound to get around through word of mouth and linking. It has definitely made a huge impact in the local e-commerce industry because not only has it opened Filipino online users to the chances of purchasing online but it has also acquainted Filipinos to the true meaning of quality online selling. The more Filipinos, the more online buyers are becoming targets of scams. Websites that keep certain degrees of standards make it a harder task and more than a day’s work for conn artists to come up with believable websites. Lazada Philippines’ authenticity comes all the way from a company based in Germany called Rocket Internet. It is an online venture builder company that launches its sites in various parts of the world. It has offices in all 5 continents and has employees of more than 15,000 today. I think its evident that a lot of research goes to keeping up this website because the company’s base country doesn’t really have a good grip on what authentic Filipino taste really is when it comes to online shopping. The number of products it sells as well as the number of people it has sold to are enough proof of just how much the e-commerce industry in the Philippines I progressing. If this continues to heighten, who knows just how much it can help the economy in further reestablishing itself as a profit-making country?

It’s nice to see Filipinos growing interest for something that strays away from what is perceived as Traditional. It’s about time that adults who have to go the extra mile to learn how the internet works get involved. They still make up a huge percentage of the population and everything always works better when more people are willing to help make a change.



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