More to come, possible with Lazada Philippines- A Review

more to come

Shopping has been part of our lifestyle nowadays. What people used to do when they feel like spending their money, they usually visit their favorite malls. It’s true that malls are one of the few establishments that can offer the people wide selections of their needs.  Whether the need is a necessity or a luxury, mall surely covers everything possible you may need. Although, there is a possibility that it may sometimes don’t have a particular item, you want. But it surely can offer alternatives to what you are looking for.


However, in this modern era where technology and Internet is slowly becoming necessity in our daily functions, a new alternative has emerged. Now, we can even buy what we used to buy on traditional malls by just going online. Online shopping is a revolutionary phase in the digital space. Internet users can now connect with online stores. All they need to do is to have an Internet capable device such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. and Internet connection. Online shopping had grown recently in the Philippines. What used to be a almost dead online industry is now on the phase of emergence. Filipino Internet users are now getting a hold of online shopping as their alternative shopping option. The perks they can get from online surpass what they can get from shopping on traditional malls. One good example of an online shopping mall in the country is Lazada Philippines. They just recently launched just last year. For such as short time, the impact they made in the country for online is so huge that it actually became a competitive industry to this date. A lot of local online shopping malls are now coming up from nowhere. It’s true that the local businessmen are now seeing the potential of online. We were so accustomed with the traditional ways we do shopping that we were afraid to try out new things. There are some new things that actually don’t translate very well to the market. But Lazada is somehow holding their ground to this point. They even penetrated the TVC, which just shows how huge they grew. Several big investors even joined the cause of what Lazada is doing which is to take over the South East Asia in Ecommerce. Some of us may not know, but Lazada is also available in other South East Asia countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. Who knows, maybe more countries to follow? It’s just a matter of time now up to where these online shopping malls can push the envelope even further.


Personally, I feel like there will be more surprises that Lazada has in store for us. I only hope that Lazada will pave way for the economy to even grow further, not only this helps their business and the customers but they also give more whether direct or indirect. As other competitors join the Ecommerce battle, more jobs will open for the Filipino people.



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Lazada Philippines Review: A Reliable Online Shopping Site

Finding a reliable online shopping site can really be a tricky task. This is especially true with the wide variety of choices available. But in my case, I am sure that I have found the one in Lazada Philippines. If you have not found yours yet, then I highly suggest you check this site out.


This site to trust

This online shopping site is definitely one to beat in terms of reliability. This is actually one of the many reasons why I stick to it. As a consumer, I am well aware of the risks of online shopping. I have read about the experience of other shoppers who had their personal accounts hacked. On the other hand, some paid for items that were never able to reach their doorstep.

Fortunately this has not happened to me with Lazada Philippines. The great thing about this company is that it has installed a lot of safety nets for its clients. Let me lay out some of them for you.


Customer warranty

CS warrantyOne of the safety nets in place is the customer warranty. As you will see from the screen grab on the left, this site offers up to 2 years manufacturer’s warranty for their products. The fact is, I rarely see this kind of offer from other online shopping sites.

In this regard, I would like to share with you a trivia that I found out during my research. As it turns out, the factory defect of manufactured items come out during the first 6 to 12 months. Hence, the warranty offered by this site is actually more than enough.

With this warranty, clients like us are saved from manufacturer’s defect. And more than that, we are given even more leeway. This just goes to show how confident the company is when it comes to the quality of its products.


Lazada Promise

Lazada promiseLazada Philippines also offers the “Lazada promise”. This is in relation to delivery. As an online shopper, one of the key aspects I look into is delivery details. And with this company, I can say that I am well impressed on how it strives to give the best delivery or courier service to the clients.

With the Lazada promise, customers like us are given a guarantee that the item that we ordered will be on their way to the delivery site without 24 to 48 hours. This then prevents delays in delivery.

Of course, who would not want their packages to arrive on time? In my case, I feel bothered whenever the item I paid for does not arrive at the expected time. For this site, the items are supposed to be delivered within 5 business days of purchase if you live in Metro Manila. On the other hand, those who live outside the Metro can expect their package within 6 to 10 business days.

But as it turns out with other online shopping sites, the guarantees are mere empty promises. Nonetheless, that is not the case with Lazada Philippines. This is even reinforced through the Lazada promise.



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We’ve waited long enough for an online shopping site like Lazada Philippines to come our way. The waiting is now over- A Review

Never did I think the day will come that online shopping in the Philippines will be as fuss-free as it is now.  I have always been an advocate of online shopping. It’s relatively stress-free and the convenience is, bar none, the main selling point for me. What I don’t like about online shopping is that despite modern technology, there are still a lot of unreliable shopping sites that mix up your orders, don’t deliver on time and sell inferior products which you will only realize once you’re holding the said item in your hand. I also don’t like paying hefty Customs and courier fees when ordering from shopping sites based in the US. I remember how I used to go about the very tedious process of sending email links of items I’m lusting over  to US-based friends and relatives and have them purchase it for me to be sent through balikbayan boxes or hand carried by whoever’s going to the Philippines for a visit. Imagine the weeks of waiting to get my hands on my stuff! Pure agony, I tell you.

pure agony

All that has changed since Lazada Philippines came into the picture.  Armed with a computer and internet connection, I can easily go on a shopping frenzy! Happy as a clam, I just sit back and wait for the goods to be delivered to me. While there are other online sellers too, they stick out for me because their online shopping site is a virtual one-stop shop for all your needs.  Believe me when I say they’ve got every shopping category covered. Now, should you have any issues with your purchase, it is comforting to know that they’re just a click and phone call away.

Another exceptional feature this shopping site offers is their variety of payment options. It’s a given that online shopping requires a credit card. Being always one step ahead of their competitors, they changed the game by tying up with Banco De Oro so you can avail of zero percent interest for three months, and MasterCard where you get ten percent discount for a minimum purchase of P3, 000.00 every Mondays.


If you don’t have a credit card or you’re just not keen on using it, don’t worry as they offer Cash on Delivery (COD) too. With this option, you will only part with your money once the items are delivered to you. They have also contracted the services of third-party payment provider called Dragon Pay. Their wide network of participating banks, 7-eleven outlets, business centers, and even pawnshops ensure that you can conveniently pay for the goods you ordered online.


If all the many great points I talked about don’t convince you to give this much buzzed about shopping site a try, maybe the fact that have Free Delivery Available to so many places all across the country will. You also have the option to have the items shipped to other addresses without paying extra. Product returns are permitted within seven days of receipt no questions asked! Perfect for fickle-minded shoppers everywhere! Just be advised that you have to assume the delivery cost of returning products if said product isn’t damaged.

Lazada Philippines is slowly but surely carving a niche for themselves in the Philippine e-commerce industry.  From the looks of it, and based on my personal experience, they truly are the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall! I’m certainly a satisfied customer and will be shopping again and again.





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High flying Lazada Philippines has a rocket behind it- A Review

high flying

I recently tried online shopping in Lazada Philippines . It was my first time to shop in a local online shopping website (I have been doing online shopping for quite some time now though internationally) and I did it because of the constant prodding of my friends who have tried it before so about two weeks ago I finally gave in. I looked around first and went straight on to their FAQs section to get acquainted with their policies and procedures first. The FAQ section is very detailed and well written and provides accurate information. I found out that they have free shipping available, seven day return policy and multiple payment methods including the cash on delivery payment method on top of the regular way which is of course paying using a credit card. This company is growing really fast and getting better and bigger all the time. They provide a very convenient and worry-free shopping experience that is unmatched in the industry.

With Lazada, avid online shoppers can shop wherever they are and whenever they want it without the hassle of commuting going to traditional shopping malls. You can be right at the comfort of your own home or at the beach. There are no mall hours. Heck you can even wake up at two in the morning and go straight on to Lazada Philippines and do your shopping during the wee hours. Lazada has a lot of online shopping categories and here they are in the order in which they appear online from top to bottom: Mobiles and Tablets, computers and Laptops, Consumer Electronics, Cameras, Home and Living, Home appliances, Toys and Babies, Fashion and Accessories, Watches, Beauty and Healthcare, Travel and Luggage, Sports and Books, Music and  Movies. Like what I have said earlier, Lazada is one of the fastest growing online shopping websites in the country today. Dubbed as the Philippines’ online shopping mall, Lazada is a brainchild of the largest and fastest online venture builder in the world no other than Berlin Germany’s Rocket Internet. Rocket Internet has been building online businesses for nearly a decade now and has been very successful in doing it. Throughout the course of their illustrious history, they have built over 100 industry leading online companies in 40 countries all over the world.

They have 25 international offices in all five continents of the world. Their employee base around the world is an astounding 15,000 workforce and counting. So what exactly is Rocket Internet doing? To put it into simple terms, they clone websites. They identify top performing websites and replicate their business models. Most of the websites that Rocket Internet replicates or clones are coming from the United States which is not surprising. If you have not noticed yet, or if you have this impression that Lazada has striking similarities with the popular U.S based online shopping website well that is because Lazada is Rocket Internet’s Amazon clone. It is supposed to be Southeast Asia’s amazon and with Lazada’s current success, it is certainly living up to that moniker.




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Lazada revolutionized online shopping in the Philippines- A Review


My favorite and go-to online shopping website is one of the few online shopping websites located locally that has shaped and changed the landscape of Philippine e-commerce. Lazada is perfectly positioned as a game-changer in the local e-commerce industry because it is one of the pioneering online shopping websites in the country. It has changed the way people do shopping and it certainly changed people’s perception about what online shopping is. The general mindset of Filipinos about online shopping was a bit different way back when there was no Lazada Philippines and Internet access was scarce. The hoi polloi think of it as a luxury that is reserved to the upper classes. They can’t be blamed though for thinking that way because online shopping really used to be some sort of a luxury given the kind of requirements or things that one has to have in  order to do it like a credit card, a computer and of course Internet access. It was a bit complicated for the average consumer to fully fathom its significance and the convenience that it could bring to their lives. The Internet revolution has changed the way people think and react. They have become much more contradictory, better aware of the options they have, they are more demanding and less-amenable to be talked down to and imposed upon than ever.

Lazada came in a time when people are more or less primed to accept what online shopping is. Just think of the analogy of a fertile field waiting for the seeds of the crop that is going to be sowed on it. In this analogy, Lazada is the farmer who planted or sowed the seeds of e-commerce on the very fertile Philippine e-commerce market. That is exactly what Lazada Philippines did, plant the germinating seeds and see through their growth. Lazada was able to tap a largely untapped Filipino market with a very brilliant marketing plan and premium service offerings that are capable of converting even the most adamant and cynical consumer there is. Lazada Philippines vision is to promote online shopping down to the grassroots level where people from all walks of the society can enjoy the wonderful benefits and services that they have to offer.

In order to achieve their goal of reaching out and getting everyone involved in online shopping, Lazada made the requirements less rigorous and less imposing than what it is in the past. They made online shopping easy, hassle-free and convenient for everyone. They came up with more methods of payments than just the traditional credit card so that people who do not own one can still buy things and enjoy online shopping through them.  They added the cash on deliver payment method and Dragon Pay to the payment options. These methods are of course credit card less which allows almost everyone to purchase online. Hence, Lazada’s wider market reach that positively impacted the local e-commerce industry.

The two standing payment methods of Lazada- A Review


Online shopping can be a real pain in the neck when the method of payment available isn’t at par with your preference of payment. I know this for a fact because I have experienced ordering from non-local websites that have exactly what I want but only accept credit card payments. I never liked the idea of applying for a credit card because the way I see it, it’s just a fancy way of being in debt. I mean why someone would buy something that they can’t afford as of the moment is just plain impulsive. I would rather wait for my pay and by then instead of counting my eggs before they hatch. I have never borrowed money in my life and that’s a huge thanks to my mom who would give us emergency money and check on it every day. That way we would be too scared to spend it on something that’s not important unless the situation really calls for it. Paying in cash is always the practical way to go. That’s why I don’t get websites who strictly just offer credit card payments. It’s like they’re eliminating a huge percentage of their potential consumers on purpose which is weird since a store’s ultimate goal is to make profit.

Lazada Philippines used to have more than just two payment methods but regardless, I’m grateful they didn’t remove cash on delivery as one of the choices. Lazada is a local online store at least in products. It’s owned by an international German company but has an office based here in the Philippines with a mix of foreign and Filipino employees. I thought at first that the website wasn’t going to be able to live out to its international standards but as months passed, I was impressed with the continuous improvement it showed. Lazada currently has two methods of payment left: Cash on delivery & credit card. Cash on delivery is my personal preference because it’s the counterpart of credit card payment which is cash. They deliver the packages straight to your house and have delivery rates depending on the location. The payment is only collected after the package has been delivered with no required initial payments for security purposes. Credit card on the other hand follows the usual process but instead of swiping the card, you’’ simply fill out a form with the required information before submitting the order form online. I’d like to think that there are far more cash on delivery payers than credit card but I know that in reality, a huge population in the Philippines relies on credit card. The methods they narrowed down to are the most practical ways of paying so it doesn’t really bother me nor does it affect how often I shop. I’m grateful that there are shopping websites now by Filipinos that sell a variety of products instead of just sticking with a single kind of merchandise. It’s a lot easier to find the things I like compared to before where I would have to be specific about all word tags on Google.

Lazada’s progress locally- A Review

progress locally

The industry of online shopping in the Philippines is growing so fast that more and more companies are just coming up with online stores to be put on the same playing field as some of the leading brands. But keeping up a website can be costly. This is especially true for those companies that are just starting out and can do better than fund for website editors that cost half a million at the least. Companies venturing out to online selling for the first time should look for effective channel sites that have already established its brand. Those companies can then use these websites as carriers making online selling as still an existing selling material for half the price.


Lazada Philippines is an online store that is known for carrying multiple brands at once. They have a wide range of selections that vary in categories. It seems unconventional at first because Filipinos normally just search for sites that have single brands as products but as our generation progresses so does our openness to change. Lazada Philippines is currently one of the talked about websites on Facebook and how can it no be? It has come up with so many buzz worthy promotions that it was bound to get around through word of mouth and linking. It has definitely made a huge impact in the local e-commerce industry because not only has it opened Filipino online users to the chances of purchasing online but it has also acquainted Filipinos to the true meaning of quality online selling. The more Filipinos, the more online buyers are becoming targets of scams. Websites that keep certain degrees of standards make it a harder task and more than a day’s work for conn artists to come up with believable websites. Lazada Philippines’ authenticity comes all the way from a company based in Germany called Rocket Internet. It is an online venture builder company that launches its sites in various parts of the world. It has offices in all 5 continents and has employees of more than 15,000 today. I think its evident that a lot of research goes to keeping up this website because the company’s base country doesn’t really have a good grip on what authentic Filipino taste really is when it comes to online shopping. The number of products it sells as well as the number of people it has sold to are enough proof of just how much the e-commerce industry in the Philippines I progressing. If this continues to heighten, who knows just how much it can help the economy in further reestablishing itself as a profit-making country?

It’s nice to see Filipinos growing interest for something that strays away from what is perceived as Traditional. It’s about time that adults who have to go the extra mile to learn how the internet works get involved. They still make up a huge percentage of the population and everything always works better when more people are willing to help make a change.