Lazada Promos hit the right spot and increase ecommerce popularity- A Review

lazada promos

Promos and discounts are one of the many reasons online users take online shopping as an option now. It’s because when buying online, some stores come up with the wildest rush sales or promos the sometimes go up to 90% off. The e-commerce industry here in the Philippines is starting to fully grasp how to get offline buyers to go online instead.

Check out how Lazada Philippines is getting the attention of the e-commerce world:

  1. CRAZY ABOUT BOOKS (Promo period: Feb 22-28)

Are you a coffee addict? Did you collect the holiday stickers from Starbucks last year just to land yourself a planner? Well, if you spend your time off reading books while having a cup of coffee, you will surely find the newest Lazada promo fitting to your lifestyle. For every purchase of worth P700, you are entitled to a P100 gift certificate from Starbucks. You will receive an email informing you about your gift certificate as well as a reminder that the delivery of the gift certificate will take place only after the payment of the book and delivery of said package has taken place. This promo is applicable nationwide.

  1. BE THE LUCKY 99 (Promo period: Feb 25, 230-6 pm)

Are you feeling lucky TODAY? There will be one stock of a 99% off item that will be released every hour. Be the 99th customer to answer the trivia questions that will be posted each time only for today, Feb 25 and get a chance to win a once in a lifetime opportunity.

  1. PEOPLE POWER SALE (Promo period: Ongoing)

To commemorate the People Power Edsa Revolution, selected items are put up for sale up to 55% OFF. And you thought you missed out on being born a few years after the epic revolution happened? Think again. You can still benefit from this day onwards. Just stay locked and visit the website regularly!


In line with the usual MasterCard Mondays, the Philippines’ online shopping mall puts its own twist to it by giving out full 10% discounts today! One category will be featured per hour that customers can browse from with no required minimum purchase. Eying on something you have wanted since your first visit but can never quite get it on a cheaper price? Maybe today’s your chance to make it all happen.


Do you like getting assurance that you’re being prioritized and not just set aside? I hate that feeling especially in rowdy stores where the cashier can’t get a hold of the shoppers. Now, Lazada came up with a way just to show you how important you are. Items with Lazada Promise seals are given a maximum of 24 hours from Mondays to Fridays and 48 hours on weekends to get the orders released from the warehouse. You can keep track of your order at If you are nogt guaranteed on time through email and sms, then you are entitled to 1 P500 voucher per accomplished order.


Safe and secured transactions, Lazada’s top priority- A Review

top priority

Prior to the introduction of Lazada to the Philippine e-Commerce market, I was pretty hesitant to do shopping online particularly for branded items. It is just because of the concern about product legitimacy.  I mostly purchase branded items because of my belief in the old adage that you get what you pay for.  It is very difficult to figure out if the product is authentic or not if you are shopping online because of course, when you look online, you are unable to touch, scrutinize and inspect the product that you are looking at. You simply rely on product descriptions and pictures (you’re lucky if the website displays multiple views that will allow you to scrutinize the item through different angles). When buying name brand products, it is absolutely imperative that an online shopper is keen on picking out which one is legit and which one is not. Getting branded products online entails a substantial quantity of risk since premium name brand merchandises costs more money than no-name brands, class A and the rip—offs. The internet marketplace just like how it is can be littered with thousands of rip-offs and class A products which complicates it even further.


When I was just a budding netizen or fledgling so to speak and I was just starting out on online shopping,  I had this inkling that if I buy things through online shopping websites and it turns to be a knock-off then I would be hit with a major financial setback because I treat my purchases as some form of investment whether it is a pair of signature sneakers or clothing. I guess that mind-set is a product of my entrepreneurial background. I grew up in a family that always values things that are purchased. That is why, I don’t fail to put into consideration the re-sale value is going to be at when I am purchasing anything (of course with the exception of food, utilities etc.) even those items that I purchase for personal reward. Hence, buying name-brand items online entails financial consideration. For a long time, I allowed the expediency of online shopping to slip by primarily due to the fact that I was not aware of a shopping website that can be trusted given my predicaments. It’s a good thing that Lazada Philippines came into the fore of Philippine online shopping. Finally a local online shopping website.  There’s a whole bunch of shopping websites that seems to be good but difficult to be trust because they are located out of country which will make it difficult to file claims if there is something wrong with the item. Lazada addresses that dilemma by being local and having an office located in the Makati Central Business District. On top of that, Lazada offers secure credit card transactions online since they are PCI-DSS certified. And if you are not into using your credit card, don’t fret they got cash on deliver payment basis too. Convenient, worry-free shopping that you can rely on, an unbeatable combo that only a local online shopping like Lazada.Ph can possibly provide.


Lazada guarantees fast results


My online shopping experience with Lazada PH  has always been an utterly wonderful and enjoyable experience. Lazada had everything that I am looking for in an online shopping website. The shopping categories are multi-faceted and cover a broad range of items like mobiles and tablets, computers and laptops, consumer electronics, cameras, home and living, home appliances, toys and babies, fashion, beauty and healthcare, travel and luggage, sports, jewelry and watches and books, music and movies. There are always some promotions going on to make your online shopping experience as pleasurable and interesting as possible. The shipping policies are also very flexible and far- reaching, free shipping is available wherever you are in the Philippines. Shipping time frames are really quick, it is only going to take three to five business days if you are located in Metro Manila and 5 to 10 days if you are located someplace else in the Philippines. They also have the standard 7-day return policy if anything comes up.

What I like about Lazada Philippines the most are the easy ways to pay, they offer the option to pay using credit cards, through Dragon Pay by using just your local bank, and through the cash on delivery method which is the favorite payment option amongst local online shoppers. Lazada seems to be a perfect company and it looks like nothing can go wrong. However, things are not always like that. Brief hiccups could happen but that doesn’t mean that Lazada is not capable of having things straightened out. Customer service is what Lazada does best. I recently had a complaint about my order and they were able to resolve my issue to my liking. They acted on it really fast. Here’s what happened, I ordered a hoodie jacket. It was a Blued Hoodie jacket in green. I had it delivered to my office address. When I received the item, it happened to be a very busy day in the office, there was a client visiting and a meeting was up in a few moments so I didn’t get the opportunity to unbox the delivery package to check the item out. What I did was I just stashed it into my locker and actually have forgotten about it until such time that I remembered to wear it. I was able to open the box up like after 7 days from the date it was delivered.

I was a bit stunned when I opened the box, it didn’t contain the original item that I was intending to order which is the Blued Hoodie Jacket and what I got was some long sleeve shirt instead. The problem was, it was like beyond the seven day return policy when I found out about it. So it was partly my fault that I didn’t check it out. I brought the concern up with a Lazada customer service representative and told them about what happened. I told them my story that I didn’t have the time to check the contents of the package when it was delivered since it was a very busy over at the office during the time. The customer care representative listened carefully to what I was saying. He was really emphatic and very considerate of my situation. He was unable to make a decision right away if he will be granting me a replacement since it is already beyond the return policy so he brought the matter up to his superior. Luckily, my replacement request was granted no questions asked and I got what I really wanted. 



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Spread the love through Lazada- A Review

spread the love

Valentines is fast approaching, in fact it is just around the corner. That’s why I am hitting up Lazada PH for some Valentine gifts. I am just so glad when I found out that Lazada Philippines is running a promotion for Valentine’s Day called share your love which gives you 15% off on your items if you are going to use your MasterCard to pay for your purchases. Before I tell you more about what other things are included in the promotion let us take a look at some history first to understand where this custom of celebrating love came from. The name of this particular feast day came from Saint Valentine. Saint Valentine is a very popular Roman saint remembered on the 14th of February hence the popular celebration being held on the 14th of February every year. Saint Valentine was a priest in Rome and was martyred and buried on the Via Flaminia (Via Flaminia is some kind of an ancient Roman road coming from Rome traversing the Apennine Mountains). The history of Valentines and the story of Saint Valentine is cloaked in mystery. One legend states that Saint Valentine or Valentine (as he was called when wasn’t canonized as a saint yet) was a priest of the Catholic Church during the third century in Rome. During that time, the ruling Emperor,  Emperor Claudius II though that single men are more effective soldiers than those with wives and families and with that assumption issued a decree that outlaws marriage for young men who are of serving age for the army. The then priest Valentines was a staunch believer in love and marriage that he went against the decree and kept on his practice of performing matrimonial rites for young lovers. This act of defiance was soon discovered by the Emperor Claudius II who had him arrested and put to death.


Other accounts or versions of Saint Valentine story tells that he was put to death for helping Christians escape inhuman conditions in Roman prisons. Based on a legend, Saint Valentine was put to prison where he created the first ever Valentine greeting coming after the heels of him falling in love with a young girl who paid him a visit during his incarceration. It is said that he wrote a letter confessing his love for the young girl and had it signed “From your Valentine” which is a very popular sign being put on Valentine or love letters and has endured until the present day. Albeit the facts are at best vague or elusive, what the legends are trying to get at is the fact that Saint Valentine is a romantic, heroic and sympathetic figure. That is just a piece of history and it does not matter whether it is true or not, the most important thing is that we have a day that commemorates romantic love. The best way to celebrate Valentines is by getting gifts for your loved ones through Lazada Ph share your love promotion where customers get 15% discount if they pay using their MasterCard. The included on the promotion can be found through the link  . This is another exciting promotion that lovers should not miss.



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This is Me..Just Me !

30 things about me! I’m not so much bored as i feel like doing.

  1.   My mood shows in my face( when im sad or happy)
  2.   Extremely moody! dont take it personal!
  3.   Love sleeping, but also love waking up and having a long day of fun
  4.   Don’t believe in ever lasting relationships.
  5.   Care alot, but also careless in some aspects
  6.   When i want something..i have to get it
  7.   I set goals in my life…which i hope to reach
  8.   Care what people say about me
  9.    hoping someday i can fly ! lols
  10.   Sometimes i want to change myself..completely
  11.   Wish i had more confidence in myself
  12.   Crying makes me feel better
  13.   Get upset and emotional for no reason sometimes
  14.   Dont like being compared to anyone else!
  15.   Believe everything has a reason
  16.   I can go on for hours without eating..
  17.   I do what i want ..when i want it..if i want!
  18.   Take risks in life..but im not a daredevil
  19.   Hate it when someone says something about me thats not true
  20.   Like having guys as friends more than girls
  21.   Hmmm let’s see… what else!…can’t live without my MOBILE PHONE!
  22.   Fan of BUTTERFLIES
  23.   Dress what i feel comfortable in
  24.   Love to eat sweet foods like chocolate and cakes
  25. …..?
  26. …..?
  27. …..?
  28. …..?
  29. …..?
  30. …..?

aside from those 30 things about me…I’m also a happy-go-lucky type of girl. At first, im not fond in blogging and I really don’t know how, why and when I’ve started writing blogs.. the only thing I remember was it’s just happen..haha 😛

feel free to comment here what you think are my 6 secret things about me 😀




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